My name is Solveig, affectionately known as Solly. I am a 37 year old mum to my 12 year old daughter, and step-mum to my husband’s 11 and 13 year old children. I work full-time in the health and fitness industry as a career advisor and scout for Australia’s leading fitness RTO, The Australian Institute of Fitness. In addition, I am a running coach, personal trainer and nutritionist – just because life isn’t full enough already!

I am not a super mum.

I may take on a lot and be constantly juggling life in my various "shoes", however this does not mean I have super human powers and breeze through each day in meditative bliss and self-control. I, like most, often reach breaking point and constantly question my purpose, motivation and choices. It’s taken me until my mid-30s to recognise and appreciate that this is completely normal and acceptable, so rather than constantly beating myself up I just keep learning and accepting life as it presents itself – the wonderful, unexpected and challenging – even the completely undignified days.

I want to share and impart some of my stories, lessons, tips and challenges with fellow mum’s who may resonate with me – be it as a fellow running mum, mum living within a blended family, the divorced mum, the “slightly obsessed” health and fitness mum, mum from a compromised childhood and adolescence, or just a fellow mum who isn’t afraid to say it how it is!

If, like me, you live in constant flux of trying to embrace who you are and your life story whilst battling with self-acceptance and love on any other day, I invite you to come for a walk with me…

in Solly’s shoes.

If you have any thoughts, feelings or comments about running, life or health. Please subscribe below or email me on info@sollysshoes.com!