Equipment Free Core Blast: My Top Five Mobile Core Exercises



Lie on your back on a mat or towel and bring your legs up to 'table top' position (knees bent at right angles). Hands are gently behind your ears and lower back is pushing down into the mat. Bring one knee into your chest as your extend the other leg out straight whilst twisting through the waist to reach your opposite elbow to knee. Breath in to come back to table top before repeating to the opposite side as you exhale. Repeat for 20 x slow repeats and then try 20 quick repeats.


Lying on your back on a mat or towel, lift your legs straight up so that they are at right angles to your body, arms lying flat by your side, palms down. As you inhale lift your hips off the ground using your stomach muscles and pushing down slightly into the floor with your hands. As you exhale, lower your legs away from the body keeping them straight and reaching down toward the floor. Only go so far as that your lower back doesn't start to lift away from the mat. Repeat x 10-12.


Lie on your side with your elbow bent and propped directly underneath your shoulder. Hips are stacked directly on top of one another and legs outstretched. Raise your hips off the ground lifting up through the side of your waist keeping your core engaged by drawing your stomach muscles in towards your lower back. Keep your hips stacked and hold for 30-60 seconds before repeating on the other side. To make this exercise easier, you can bend your bottom leg and just have the top leg outstretched (as pictured).


Using the same side plank position as above (either option), reach underneath the body with your free arm and back again 8-10 x per side.


Lying on your back on a mat or towel with legs in table top and arms reaching for the sky, extend one leg away from the body with the foot flexed (toes toward nose!). At the same time the opposite arm extends away and behind from the body. As you come back to the middle, inhale. To advance this exercise, try performing it with your head and shoulder raised, or to progress even further, extend both legs and arms away at the same time (always make sure your lower back is pushing into the mat). Repeat x 10-12.