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New Year, New You. Learn, Live and Let Go.

I will be grateful for my functioning body and treat it with respect both in attitude and physically. I will look at my supposed imperfections and remind myself of how they came to be, from breastfeeding my beautiful daughter to the lines on my face indicative that I am in fact getting older and what a gift it is to age and have these years on earth – they are from times laughing in the sun and crying with my friends and loved ones. My cellulite is from the delicious cakes I ate celebrating the lives of those I love. What privileges these all are.

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I Said “No” But Did I Deserve It? The Confused Mess Of Emotions That Stands Between Wanting To Speak Out & Wanting To Stay Silent.

My story may be very different to the victims of Harvey Weinstein, but the emotions of inadequacy, confusion, embarrassment, fear…they were there (and still are to an extent) for me also. It is always sad and makes me ashamed that it takes atrocious behaviour to empower women to stand strong and rally together, however if some good can come from it that stops such behaviour being accepted, then it’s worth speaking out.

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Reluctantly Redundant: Dealing With Losing A Part Of Your Identity And Purpose

For the first time in my working life, I don’t have a job and it is such a strange feeling. I thought I would wake up and be excited to not be in a rush for a change. I spend so much time feeling overwhelmed by my work/life load that I was convinced that I would be feeling elated to be able to take my time. Instead, I feel incredibly uneasy and scared.

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